Top 10 Characteristics of Swimmers who Make Coaches Proud

Coach Marli’s #Top10waystomakeyourcoachproud

  • 10   Outgoing personalities.  It is obvious that they love swimming.  They smile a lot.  
  • 9       Perseverance.  They exhibit persistence and consistency, especially in spite of difficulties. 
  • 8        Responsible.  They are on time, prepared, and ready to go every day. 
  • 7        Enthusiastic workers.  When a hard set is assigned and explained there is no sighing, moaning, or complaining.  They cheer on the group and attack the set with awesome work ethic.   
  • 6        Joyful swimmers.  It is clear they want to be at the pool, they love hanging out with friends, and enjoy the whole swimming experience. They are patient with themselves and patient with others.
  • 5        Respectful.  They respect coaches and teammates, listen well, and put others first.  
  • 4        Humble learners.  They always know they have more work to do and they constantly strive to improve.  
  • 3        Relationship builders.  They enjoy getting to know teammates and coaches and work diligently to grow friendships, old and new. 
  • 2        Team focused.  They handle disappointment well.  They are uplifting and encouraging and always do what is best for the team as a whole, not just themselves.  
  • 1        Good representatives of our whole group.  When I coach these 2, they remind me of our entire group of swimmers that I have the amazing honor and privilege to coach every single day.