Butterfly Swim Chest Press Drill

One of my favorite ways to teach butterfly skills is on the pool deck.  Swimmers of all ages can easily do this drill.  It takes 5 seconds and can be extremely helpful.  Today, we will do versions of this in our yoga practice, then on deck, and finally we will apply the skill in the water.

With a partner, stand about 2-3 feet apart.  Press hands together above your head and lean in until you feel a stretch in your upper chest and arms.  If you don't have a partner, simply stand a couple feet from the wall, place hands above your head on the wall, then press the chest.

If you have any trouble with back extension or pain in your lower back, focus on keeping your back straight and squeeze shoulder blades together. *This drill is contraindicated if you have a back injury.

Below is an awesome fly drill that goes perfectly with chest press drill on land. 

Give the chest press drill on land a try, then see how it feels when you swim fly in the water.  Let me know how it goes!

~Coach Marli