Get the Best Freestyle Swimming Head Position

Head position is super important for excellent freestyle swimming technique.

Ask your coaches to evaluate your head position.  They will check to see that your head is in correct alignment with your spine and analyze how it moves when you breathe.  In the top photo,  the swimmer's head is clearly lifted too high during the breath.  The bottom picture shows improved head alignment with a better breathing position.

Below are three simple tips to consider.  Be sure to obtain feedback from your coaches.
  1. Look straight down.  It is tempting to look ahead, especially if you are swimming behind someone.  Resist the urge to lift head or look forward.
  2. Goggle breathe.  When you rotate to the side to breathe, keep your head in line and only lift one goggle out of the water.  
  3. Use a snorkel.  The back of your neck should not have creases.  Try elongating it a little, extending your body line.  Again, direct your vision to the bottom of the pool.  See diagram below.