Simple Nutrition Tips for Meets

Prepare well by consuming good quality protein the day before a meet.  Red meat, salmon, and chicken, are all good choices.  Fruits and vegetables, along with whole grain breads and pastas, are obvious good pairings.

Breakfast the day of meet might include eggs, toast, granola, fruit, and water.  Experiment with coconut water.  It is known as "Nature's Gatorade."  It can be added to low sugar juices and smoothies. 

During the meet, it is so important to continually fuel your body with healthy choices.  Fruits and veggies are your best bet.  Apple sauce or slices, grapes, bananas, and baby carrots are wonderful sources of fast energy.  An unusual favorite for my pickiest eater is a mandarin orange slice wrapped with kale. Try it!

If you have a lot of time between races (more than an hour) it is a good idea to include a protein source for recovery such as yogurt, cheese, or perhaps a small sandwich. 

General tips:
  • Plan ahead
  • Pack good quality snacks.
  • Never try anything new right before or during a meet. 
  • Limit sugar!  We do not want to see our athletes eating candy during a meet. 
  • Shop around the periphery of a grocery store or market where you find fresh, whole foods.
  • Aim to have lots of color!  Healthy food is colorful.
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