3 ways to evaluate meet performance

  1. Review video footage.  Look for specific technique changes and skills to work on during practice.  Pay close attention to your start, push offs, and streamlines.  They are the easiest to improve and can make the biggest difference in your times.
  2. Meet with your coach.  Talk about what went well and what you need to work on during practice.  As a coach, I love meeting one-on-one with swimmers to discuss goals and current progress. Your coaches want you to do as well as possible.  (Get those goal sheets completed!)
  3. Replay events in your mind.  Remember what it felt like before, during and after your races. Did you give it your all?  Were you out of steam early in the race?  Can you go faster?  Can you squeeze more on your streamline?  Did you hold your breath on the finish?  Imagine swimming the perfect race, doing everything correctly.