We do the following drills on a regular basis.  For drills, remember these tips:

  • Perform drills with precision. Never rush them.  
  • Drill technique shows coaches your ability level.
  • Drill performance proves your desire to improve.  
  • Count strokes to improve distance per stroke for drills.    

Below is the head lead worm drill and chest press sculling drill.  Notice how the hips stay close to the surface of the water.  The swimmer does not dive down to make it easier.  For the chest press sculling drill, as the hands go out, she presses her chest down.  The head stays neutral and relaxed.

Head lead worm/chest press sculling drill from Marli McIntire on Vimeo.

The next video shows the familiar one arm fly.  It helps with timing and hand placement.  "Kick hand in, kick hand out."

One arm fly from Marli McIntire on Vimeo.

The final video is fly swim.  When you swim full fly, try to work in some aspect of the drill you worked on earlier.  Drills only help if you actually apply them to your swimming.  Below, she is thinking about pressing her chest to keep her hips near the surface.

Fly swim from Marli McIntire on Vimeo. Share