We are working on our Fly to Back IM turns.  This drill helps you get the feel of driving the knees to the wall quickly and pushing off for your backstroke breakout.
  1. Get in the FLY position with both hands on the wall and both feet extended behind you.  (just like you finish into the wall for fly)
  2. Drive your knees to the wall with as much speed as possible.  
  3. Transition through your "Sink Touch Push" position.
  4. Push off on your back, or slightly rotated on your side.
  5. Squeeze into an amazingly tight streamline.
  6. Add those fly kicks.
  7. Take your first backstroke pull when you are about 1/2 to 1 foot under the surface of the water for your smooth, backstroke breakout.
Watch below and try it!

Fly position push offs from Marli McIntire on Vimeo.