10 steps before TAKING YOUR MARK

Your race starts well before you take your mark.
  1. Begin to focus on your upcoming event the moment you head over to the blocks.  
  2. Take slow, deep breaths.
  3. Stretch a little and elevate your heart rate. (Try pogo jumps, jumping jacks, etc.)  
  4. Smile.  It releases anxiety and calms you down.  
  5. Check for your name on the timer's sheet.
  6. Put on your goggles and begin to visualize a perfect race.  
  7. At the appropriate time, climb up on the block.
  8. Wrap the big toe of your front foot over the edge of the block.  
  9. Stand up straight and tall.  
  10. Take one more deep breath and listen carefully.
When you hear the beep, EXPLODE off the block.
SQUEEZE your streamline as tight as possible.