Questions your coaches wish you would ask, 
and questions I am trying to ask as a parent. 
(Adapted from Don Heirdary's article published in the ASCA Newsletter)


  • "Hey Coach, why is ___'s time not as fast as John's?" 
  • "Why is he still breathing late?"
  • "Coach, why haven't you fixed his start?" 
  • "Why doesn't he have more Southeastern times?" 
  • "Why haven't you fixed his streamline?"

  • Does ___listen to you carefully?  Does he apply your suggestions?
  • How is ___'s work ethic?  And please be honest.
  • How does he perform when circumstances are challenging?
  • Is he resilient?
  • Can you push ___ harder?  Can you push him to a breaking point? That will happen in life and I would like to see how he responds. 
  • Does he remain positive during difficult sets?
  • Does he complain?  I would prefer that he not complain, and I encourage you to let him know that it is not acceptable, regardless of the reason.
  • Does ___ remain focused and not too social or too disconnected?
  • Does he make sacrifices?  Is he practicing enough for his expected outcomes?
  • ___ tends to be a leader.  Is he leading in the right direction?  (or: Swimmer tends to be a follower.  Is he following the right people?)
  • Does ___ volunteer to help?
  • Do you respect ___?  If not, why?
  • Does ___ support teammates in a workout?  Is he ever exclusive?
  • I would like him to be a helper to the team.  Can you make sure he helps set up, clean up, etc.? 
  • I know this is not your job as a coach, but I would like to be notified immediately if you ever see: ___ being disrespectful; shirking any responsibility; not being fully committed in a workout; or seems distant.
  • How can I support you and our team?