Do you ever get in the mood to do a little extra (away from the pool) to improve your swimming?  Try adding plank to your training.  

With proper form, the plank exercise engages your abdominal muscles (core) and the muscles which support your spine.  It helps with body alignment, stability, and balance. The plank is beneficial for gaining strength that helps in all swim strokes.

Start with a short time (10 seconds repeated 3 times) and work your way up to a goal time.  I have seen kids hold it for almost 4 minutes.  Challenge your friends and family members to join you.  

Have someone check your form to ensure you get full advantage from the exercise. The swimmers below have good form from the shoulders down, but can improve with better head position. Your head should be in line with your spine (not tilted up or down). 

Give it a try!

Fun times to plank:

  • During a commercial
  • During a favorite song
  • While reading a page in a book
  • While checking instagram
  • During a video game
  • While studying for a test
  • Right now!