Backstroke to Breaststroke Turn Practice

Backstroke to Breaststroke can be a tricky turn to master. Try practicing on the wall.
  1. While on your back, extend legs out, and keep one hand on the wall, as if you have come into the wall swimming backstroke. (HEAD and EYES UP)
  2. Swivel/pivot your hips toward the wall and place feet on the wall.  Leave your extended arm out, so it is ready for your "sink touch push" position. (TIGHT CORE)
  3. Push off going through the "sink touch push" position into your breaststroke pullout.  (EYES UP-some of the swimmers in our groups in the video need to work on looking up and pushing off on their sides, rather than stomach.)
Make sure you know your backstroke count, and practice a perfect turn every time you have the opportunity.  

Backstroke to Breaststroke Open Turn Practice from Marli McIntire on Vimeo.

Below is one more video showing the entire back to breast turn:  

Backstroke to Breaststroke Turn Demo from Marli McIntire on Vimeo. Share