3 things coaches shouldn't see at practice:

1. Sloppy swimming
  • Practice with perfect stroke technique.  Your muscles have a "memory"; your body memorizes the wrong patterns when you swim incorrectly. Use perfect technique, especially when you are tired. 
  • Streamline (perfectly).  Everyone is capable of a perfect streamline.  Just do it!
  • Finish fast.  Practice finishing fast into the wall.  It will feel differently than going toward the wall slowly.  Figure out your stroke count in all strokes from the flags to the wall.  
2. Negative attitudes
  • Approach practice and each set with positive thoughts and talk.  "This set will be challenging" or "This will make me better" is always better than "I will never be able to do this set" or "Why do we have to do that?"
  • Make sure you do not pollute your lane with negativity.  Encourage and motivate your teammates with energy and enthusiasm.  "WE CAN DO THIS!" 
3. Excuses
  • Just do your best.  Coaches will not expect less of you when you offer an excuse.  "I am tired" or "I ate too much ice cream" do not change what we will require of you.  It covers up your potential.
  • Go to the bathroom before practice.  (NEVER during a set.)
  • Bring a water bottle instead of asking to get water. (We know that trick too!)
Hard work and good effort will always feel better and be more rewarding than sloppiness, negativity, and excuses.  Give practice your all!