...who has the best STREAMLINE of them all?

This week, Excel Aquatics is honored to have master coach, Ed Spencer, visiting our team.  Among the many great ideas he has shared, streamlining has been a top focus.  His talk about Matt Grevers streamlining regularly in front of a mirror was very inspiring.   Now, where is your closest mirror?

10 Checkpoints (2-3 minutes daily):  
  1. Are finger/hands directly on top of one another?
  2. Thumb lock?
  3. Are you squeezing biceps inward toward head?
  4. Is there a space between head and arms on either side?  (There should be no space.)
  5. Are your hips forward?  Do not arch back.
  6. Is your stomach tight?
  7. Are your toes pointed?
  8. Are you stretched as long and as narrow as possible?  
  9. Are your shoulders shrugged?
  10. Are you comfortable? If so, tighten up more!  
Everyone can have an excellent streamline, but only those who practice will achieve excellence.  If you don't streamline properly in practice, you won't have the muscle memory for good streamlines during races.      

When you can't stand in front of a mirror, remember that your coaches can serve as your mirrors.  Ask them to watch your streamlines and give you feedback.  Good luck!