EVENT NAME (#110 Men 50 yard Backstroke)
LANE (Your name will be next to the lane number)
HEAT (1st of 3 total events in 50 yard Backstroke)

Use a sharpie to write your events on your arm or leg. 
For example, if you are Steven Chang, you might include:

Event          Heat       Lane        Seed time         Goal time
110 50 BK    2               7               40.01                  38.5

Note:  It is important to pay attention to the heats and lanes.  Notice that lane 7 is empty for Heat 1.  If Steven is not careful, he might think it is his turn to swim in heat 1 because nobody is there.  Heats are arranged by times.  You want to swim in heats with swimmers who have times similar to yours.  It is OK to ask the timer what heat they are on and make sure you are about to swim in the correct heat.