Positively Positive

Below are a few reminders to keep your spirits high and the pressure low during swim practices and swim meets:

Positive Actions to Stay Relaxed:
            “Inhale relaxation, exhale tense muscles.”
“Breathe deeply.”
            “Stay long and strong.”
            “Stretch your stroke.”
            “Pick up the pace with relaxed speed.”
            “Love the process."
            “Enjoy the moment.”

Think/say to yourself:
            “Stay calm.”
            “I am ready.”
            “Swim relaxed, but fast.”
            “Relaxed speed.”
            “Inhale, exhale, go!”
            I love this!
            “This is fun.
            If it hurts, I am doing my best.
            Confidence is not something you have/don’t have.  It is something you do
            Decide that you can.
            Doubt your inability.
            Act confident. (I did not say "brag!")
            Look confident.
            Do not doubt yourself.       
            Do not put yourself down.
            Do not say “I can’t.”
            Come prepared.
            Decide to make them tremendously fun!
            Decide to want to passionately win.
            Make the race yours.
            Swim tough.
            Swim smart.
            Decide to win.
            Relish the opportunity.
            Enjoy the moment.
            Acknowledge the privilege of being on that block.
            Give your very best effort.

General Positive Thinking for Races:
            “If I can stay relaxed I will have an advantage.”
            “Butterflies are good.” 
            “Best start ever!”
            “I am in the lead.”
            “Sprint turns!”
            Fast arm turnover.
            “I can win this!”
            “Use the crowd’s energy.”
            “I am prepared.”
            “I have trained well.”
            “Pick it up.”
            “Accelerate into the turn.”
            “Use arms going out and legs coming home.”
            “Elbows up.”
            “Go for it.”
            “Make it fun.”
            “Stay with it.”
            “Keep it up.”
and finally,
If you are ahead, do not let up!
If you get behind, do not give up!

Do your best!  GOOD LUCK!!!