Recently, a few of our swimmers received disqualifications for being completely submerged prior to the finish during their backstroke finish.  
Following is a summary of a frequently asked question regarding the application of the Rules and Regulations of USA Swimming:  

*Article 101.4.2 states that it is permissible for a swimmer to be completely submerged at the finish.  So what is the definition of "finish"?
*Article 101.4.4 states that at the finish, the swimmer must touch the wall.  Therefore, the "finish" is defined as the instant that a swimmer touches the wall.  If a swimmer is completely submerged any time prior (before) to that, except for 15 meters after the start and after each turn, it would be cause for a disqualification because the swimmer was completely submerged prior to the finish.  

     Coach Michael will demonstrate several backstroke finishes below. Study each one and make sure you are doing them correctly during practice and at your meets!

The first demonstration:  Correct Preferred Finish on the side
The second demonstration:  Correct Dive Finish on the back (toes break the surface)
The third demonstration:  Incorrect Completely Submerged prior to the finish.