Correct FLY to BACK open turns are possible for all swimmers!  Try the progression below to perfect your turn and drop time in your IM events.

Practice ON DECK:  (READ FIRST and then watch the video)
  • "2 HAND TOUCH" Place two hands on the wall for your two hand touch.
  • "DRIVE THE KNEES" Place one foot on the wall at a 90 degree or right angle.
  • "ELBOW YOUR BROTHER" Point one elbow back to place one hand beside the hip.
  • "PHONE YOUR MOTHER" Point other elbow forward to place that hand beside the ear.
  • "STREAMLINE" Bring both hands together above the head to meet in a tight streamline.
Below, Jordan demonstrates the 5 steps on deck.  Practice along with her!

Practice IN WATER:  (READ FIRST and then watch the video)

  • "2 HAND TOUCH"  Stretch body out and place two hands on the pool wall.
  • "DRIVE THE KNEES" Bring your knees to the wall (aggressively) and place both feet on the wall at a right angle, shoulder width apart.
  • "ELBOW YOUR BROTHER" Point one elbow back (as if elbowing someone behind you) to place hand beside hip.  That arm will then extend to the other end of the pool.  (We will need to correct that part in Jordan's turn.)  
  • "PHONE YOUR MOTHER" Point the other elbow forward above the head to brush across your ear.  Head remains looking at the wall. 
  • "STREAMLINE"  Bring both hands together above the head to meet in a tight streamline.  At the same time, sink down to get under the turbulence created coming in with fly. Do not push off until arms are in a perfect streamline.
Below, Jordan demonstrates: her old turn, 5 step progression in the water, and her new turn.  Try this while you are waiting at the wall between sets!

Below is one more video demonstration showing the turn underwater, with captions.    

Once you perfect Fly to Back turns, you will have no problem with Breast to Free.  They are the same, with the exception of rotating to your stomach rather than your back.  GOOD LUCK!