Do you have a swim meet coming up? 
MEET the TOP 25 
"got meetchecklist below!
  1. MEET Responsibility (be in charge of the list below)
  2. MEET Nutrition (healthy meals, healthy snacks)
  3. MEET Hydration (drink water)
  4. MEET Goal List (technique and performance)
  5. MEET Equipment (prepare/organize backpack)
  6. MEET Extras (cap and goggles)
  7. MEET Pillow (plenty of rest the week prior to meet)
  8. MEET Sharpie (list event, heat, lane, old time)
  9. MEET Teammates (on time and have fun!)
  10. MEET Warm up (critical for fast swimming)
  11. MEET Focus (concentrate on technique)
  12. MEET Team spirit (cheer as loud as possible)
  13. MEET Calm (slow, deep breathing)
  14. MEET Visualization (picture a perfect start, etc.)
  15. MEET Coaches (before events for strategy)
  16. MEET Tight Goggles (or 2 caps w/goggles b/w)
  17. MEET Burn (pain = your best effort)
  18. MEET Opponents (firm handshakes/ "good swim")
  19. MEET Coaches (after each event)
  20. MEET Warm Down Pool (ask coaches for yardage)
  21. MEET Pleasant Attitude (judge swim, not swimmer)
  22. MEET Parka or Warm Clothing (no shivering!)
  23. MEET Hydration and Healthy Snacks (small/frequent)
  24. MEET Ability to Move On (focus on the next race)
  25. MEET Thankfulness (for parents, friends, coaches)