What is the FOCUS?

We have been trying something new in our Silver II group.  Its a little technique kind of like the game "gossip."  The coach informs the lane leader what the "FOCUS" will be for the next 50 or 100.  The lane leader then tells the swimmer behind him/her the focus.  The second swimmer tells the third, etc. etc.  Each swimmer has the responsibility to know the focus and tell the swimmer behind him/her. 

This method helps in many ways:
*the swimmers focus on a selected skill/technique/strategy
*the swimmers talk to their teammates
*the swimmer must make the interval to know the focus
*the swimmers practice responsibility
*the coaches stay on their toes to come up with a new focus each time
*the coach can watch for other corrections

FOCUS examples:
  Don't breathe on the first stroke
  Four dolphin kicks in your streamline
  Accelerate into the wall before your turn
  Goggle breathe
  Fast finish
Come up with your own FOCUS and we will give it a try! Share