Freestyle Swimming "Goggle Breathing"

  • roll head when body rotates
  • tip the top of your head slightly so that your mouth is above water in "trough-like" area
  • one eye (goggle) is literally out of the water and one eye is under
  • you should be able to see above and below the water line - practice at the wall
  • focus on looking to the side, rather than behind or up at the ceiling
  • twist/squish/curl your mouth to the side to inhale - you will look like an Olympic swimmer or at least a pirate!
  • exhale completely when your face is looking at the bottom of the pool
  • trust the little pocket of air that forms naturally from your head - it gives you space to breathe in
  • stay relaxed 
  • keep practicing
  • maintains better body alignment
  • encourages optimal body position in the water as hips stay closer to the surface resulting in better body position and less drag
  • decreases cross over
  • quicker breaths, better rhythm, faster swimming