Achieve your goals

How to do it:  

1.  Set goals. (Dream goals, short term goals, practice goals, etc.)
2.  Set goals to achieve your dream goals, short term goals, practice goals, etc.
3.  Prepare and practice with the mindset to achieve your specific goals.


1.  Dream Goal:  Break the team butterfly record.  Short term goal: Drop 2 seconds in 25 fly.
2.  Technique Goals to achieve short term goal: 
  • stretch out streamline, squeezing ears
  • 5-6 strong and fast dolphin kicks in streamline
  • enter hands with fingertips down
  • push harder at the hips before recovery
  • study butterfly stroke videos
  • watch the advanced, older kids in person, ask him/her for advice
  • absorb everything the coaches say about butterfly technique
  • do what they say when you practice
  • ask coaches to evaluate your progress
  • practice starts with meaning, purpose and focus
3.  Come to practice focused on specific technique goals.  Write them down if that will help you remember them.  Check off the ones you master and keep working on the others.

*  If the fly record is 16 seconds, practice like you WILL swim the butterfly in 16 seconds. 
*  If the fly record is 16 seconds, do NOT practice like the fly record is 18 seconds. 

If you want it badly enough, practice hard enough!  If you practice hard enough, you will step up on that block at the meet, knowing you are prepared, and confident enough to achieve your goal.  No doubt about it!  GO DO IT!!!!! Share